Following these few rules combined with a bit of common sense will help you make the most of your stay. The rules are in place to enhance your experience with us and for your safety , the well-being of the carp and the other anglers on site. Anyone breaking any of the rules below will be asked to leave without a refund.


Carp care is paramount, please ensure you have all equipment ready, i.e. unhooking mat wet, weigh sling zeroed, scales, antiseptic, water bucket full and camera ready before removing fish from water. Fish should not be out of the water for any longer than 3 minutes and no standing up with fish.

Anglers must use the mats and slings provided by the fishery and not their own.

All Anglers nets must be dipped before use.

Retaining and sacking fish is not allowed

All carp over 60 lb must not be photographed out of the water.

All anglers must have a carp care kit or will need to purchase one from the fishery.

Quick links undone or hook length cut before fish leaves the water, do not carry rod and fish at the same time



All leads must be able to come free or be ejected, tail rubbers must not to be pushed all the way on or inline leads must be able to come free

No particles, maggots, worms or nuts allowed.

Boilie, pellet and maize only,

Strictly pellet and maize must be brought from the fishery only. Small amount of micro pellet allowed for solid bags or stick mix only

No shelf life boilies.

No plastic baits allowed, zig foam is allowed on a zig

No leaders of any kind except on a spomb or spod rods

All spombs / spods must have a float

No 360 rigs allowed (Ronnie rig/spinner rig is ok)

Crushed barbed hooks or micro barbed only

Maximum of 3 rods only, float rod for silvers as well is permitted.

No lead core

Tubing or naked mainline ONLY

No braided mainline.

Minimum 15lb breaking strain line.

Minimum 42-inch landing nets.


Gates open at 1pm on Saturdays, no entry before a draw for swims will take place at 2pm.

Anglers should be out of their swims by 9.30am and ready to depart by 10.00am.

Make sure all facilities are respected and clean after use

Bait boats are permitted.

Boats available on site for snagged fish etc life jackets must always be worn. We do not expect responsibility for any accidents.

All swims must be kept and left tidy, bins are provided for bottles, glass and tins. Black sacks are provided for general rubbish.

If smoking on sight we expect no cigarettes to be thrown or left anywhere around the fishery.

No cars to be left behind swims. Unloading and loading only.

No cars on the grass or to be driven or moved after darkness.

No swimming permitted.

No fires, loud music or shouting across the lakes.

No dogs permitted.

Unsociable behaviour, abuse of alcohol or drugs will not be tolerated.

* General maintenance may be carried out when needed 

*The bailiff may fish on non lake exclusive weeks only in any empty swim but must vacate if a customer wishes to move into that swim.

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